WeatherStation: Software


I finished wiring the station, though I would not be surprised if I need to make some last minute adjustments. The last bit of wiring I have done is interfacing with the existing hardware. The rain gauge and anemometer connect directly to the board with an internal pull-up activated. The langua... see more

Weather Station Part 2


I have started working on the main board for the station. Adding the transceiver, barometer, temperature, and humidity sensor. It is going pretty well so far. I have not yet tested the rf24 module, though the two other modules I have confirmed to work. The MPL115 works pretty well and seems to... see more

Weather Station


I am starting a weather station project, taking an old broken weather station, and getting it to work with Arduino and a Raspberry Pi web server. After a quick inspection of the ports on the old station transmitter, I found that the weather vain uses a 4 wire plug. This got me worried as the col... see more

Lord of the Flies 1


In English class, we have been reading The Lord of the Flies. We are assigned to write about how our actions relate to characters in the book. I will be writing about my similarities with a few characters in the book, I will most likely spit up each character into a separate post. The first cha... see more