Lord of the Flies 1

Mar 11, 2017

In English class, we have been reading The Lord of the Flies. We are assigned to write about how our actions relate to characters in the book. I will be writing about my similarities with a few characters in the book, I will most likely spit up each character into a separate post. The first character I will write about is Ralph.

Ralph is probably my favorite character in the book. He is one of the saner characters in the story and is a good leader. At the beginning of the book, the gathered everybody with the magic conch shell and stayed focused on the task at hand, getting rescued.

I think that of all the characters in the book, I am most like Ralph. I think of myself as a good leader, though I don't like to be the leader. I am also determined, despite not trying to get rescued. I further like to think of myself as pretty sane. I even can get notably focused, though generally not in what would be best.

Though don't think of myself as a clone of Ralph, we are also very different from each other. Ralph is an extrovert, I am not.